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Roxy Jacenko

Founder & Director of
Sweaty Betty PR

Sweaty Betty PR is Australia’s preeminent fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency.

No one else can boast the commitment, contacts and coverage of the Sweaty Betty PR team. We stop at nothing to ensure we exceed your expectations, on time, every time.

We are fresh, original and modern in our approach. PR is not one size fits all. We take the time to learn who you are, what you need and who you are trying to reach. Sweaty Betty PR commits to providing the best – day in, day out, resulting in the best coverage, service and ideas for each and every client. We have redefined PR through our relentless pursuit for perfection in everything we do. The results speak for themselves.

Sweaty Betty PR is the fastest, brightest and most passionate agency in the business. With a diverse and dynamic team of publicists, plus an in house designer, writer and driver Sweaty Betty PR can deliver a range of unique and specialised services. We excel in delivering all the PR staples; press releases, brand profiles, and media coverage. But where we really shine is in the unique, the fabulous and the attention grabbing! We are famous for our super creative initiatives, delivering a series of unforgettable events, launches, social media campaigns and PR stunts for our clients.

We understand that positioning and timing are everything. Sweaty Betty PR’s targeted and tailored approach ensures your brand is recognised, preferred and loved by the people you want to reach. We research, plan and execute all PR activity with the finest attention to detail ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked.

Dominating every facet of media coverage across the country, Sweaty Betty PR will get your brand exposure in all the right places. Sweaty Betty PR has an enviable contact list of Australian media from luxury magazines, glossy monthlies, newspapers and television to various online outlets, blogs and social media. We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with editors, journalists, columnists, freelancers, stylists, publishers and bloggers. We also have close working relationships with a host of celebrities, models, sports personalities and designers – ensuring your brand is forefront in the minds of industry opinion leaders.

Sweaty Betty PR’s luxurious Paddington HQ is an energetic hub of activity, with daily visits from editors, stylists and celebrities exploring the dedicated showrooms, stocked with all the latest collections from our vast portfolio of clients. The showroom is full of edgy street wear, a huge range of accessories, activewear shoes as well as cutting edge beauty and lifestyle products. Sweaty Betty PR is the go to destination for media in search of the perfect pieces for their pages, websites and photo shoots, while VIP’s love calling in to browse all of our collections on display.

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