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Roxy Jacenko

Founder & Director of
Sweaty Betty PR


It’s no mistake Sweaty Betty PR is Australia’s most recognisable PR agency. Breaking the mould and re-writing the rule book at every turn, Sweaty Betty PR has redefined PR to become one of the most sought after and talked about agencies in the business.

Founded in 2004, Sweaty Betty PR has worked with some of the world’s leading names across the fashion, beauty, automotive and hospitality industries, becoming Sydney’s go-to lifestyle PR agency for brands that want to be seen, connected and desired.

Sweaty Betty PR is a team of driven, committed and passionate professionals. Lead by founder and director Roxy Jacenko, the Sweaty Betty PR family includes experienced publicists as well as an in-house graphic designer and writer. Whether it’s creating a show-stopping media event, launching a full-scale activation or generating content, Sweaty Betty PR has the knowledge, expertise and creativity to make it happen.

At Sweaty Betty PR we treat your business as though it’s our own. Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do, from the way we showcase your brand to the media to the way we execute a place setting at an event. No detail is too small and nothing is overlooked in our relentless quest to be unique and make an unforgettable impact. After all, why do a job well when you can do it brilliantly?

Generic is not in the Sweaty Betty PR vocabulary. No two brands are the same and as such we go over and above to ensure that no two campaigns are the same. We take the time to learn about you and your brand, creating bespoke, strategic campaigns designed to achieve your goals. And make no mistake, when we say we work around the clock, we mean it, guaranteeing that an opportunity is never overlooked.

Boasting the juiciest black-book in the industry, Sweaty Betty PR has developed meaningful relationships with Australia’s media. Our contact list of editors, journalists, columnists, freelancers, stylists, publishers and bloggers covers media from luxury magazines, glossy monthlies, newspapers and their weekend lift-outs, television, radio as well as all the influential online outlets, news websites and lifestyle platforms. We also have close working relationships with a host of celebrities, models, sports personalities and designers. No matter where you want to be seen, we will leverage our insider knowledge and contacts to ensure your brand is not only top of mind but ­the­ most wanted in its category.

Sweaty Betty PR’s sleek Paddington HQ is a reflection of the unrelenting standards we live and work by. Contemporary and luxurious, the Sweaty Betty PR office offers a multipurpose meeting space, perfect for intimate showcase events and gifting suites. Home to our extensive selection of lifestyle clients, Sweaty Betty PR HQ is a regular must-visit destination for stylists, journalists and influencers who know where to find the latest, must-have fashion, beauty, healthy and lifestyle products.

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