Strictly Confidential | Roxy Jacenko

Strictly Confidential

Strictly Confidential is a fast-paced, sensational, no-holds barred insight in to the world of Public Relations and Sydney’s celebrity lifestyle. Told through the eyes of 20-something Publicist Jazzy Lou, the novel charts her rise from hard-working employee to Queen Bee of her own business empire; documenting her romantic liasons, A-list mishaps, and clashes with ‘frenemies’ throughout her journey to the top.

Author Roxy Jacenko is Founder and Director of Australia’s premier fashion and lifestyle agency Sweaty Betty PR, and although her first novel is a fictional story, certain characters and incidents have been inspired by her seven-year career in the fashion PR industry…

From where to get the best coffee in Sydney, how celebrities really afford their designer outfits, the power of paparazzi and how to get their attention, and why PR’s keep their contacts close and their rivals even closer; Strictly Confidential lifts the lid on the ‘glamorous’ world of fashion PR in Australia’s most stylish city. Think Absolutely Fabulous mixed with the Devil Wears Prada, and a cast of characters straight from the Sydney social pages – a glamorous and hilarious read and the perfect research for anyone looking to break in to the cut-throat world of fashion PR.

The Rumour Mill | Roxy Jacenko

The Rumour Mill

Jazzy Lou is back and busier than ever!

Queen Bee, her fabulous PR firm, is going from strength to strength with an ever-expanding roster of clients, including the hottest new International Designer.

At home Jazzy has her hands full with her baby girl Fifi, as well as the planning of her upcoming wedding to Michael.

But just as everything seems to be falling into place, Jazzy discovers that her old boss, the evil Diane Wilderstein, has resurfaced and has her heart set on poaching Jazzy’s Queen Bee clients. Meanwhile, someone is trying to bring her down by circulating a poisonous voicemail to ALL of Sydney’s media !

Will they succeed in destroying everything Jazzy has worked so hard for? Or will Jazzy find a way to save herself and Queen Bee?

Sit back and enjoy this fast-paced peek inside the glamorous world of Sydney’s hottest PR agency.

The Spotlight | Roxy Jacenko

The Spotlight

Jazzy Lou, aka the Queen Bee, is back and she's busy juggling life as wife to Michael, mother to Fifi and boss to the busy Bees.

The PR game is as fast paced as ever and Jazzy is up all night closing deals. But are the rumours true? Is she about to ditch the clients she worked so hard to get and pack it all in? Or is she about to change things up and reinvent the game?

With her toddler daughter Fifi making headlines of her own, her husband contemplating a move to New York, and her father dating one of the social scene's most outrageous characters, there is never a dull moment.

With more glamour than a Net-a-Porter shopping cart and more drama than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Spotlight is the ultimate look inside the life of Sydney's PR Queen.


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